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The Night Shift Lighting Trick
This is a temporary picture of the Night Shift I'm posting until I'm able to post a full scale version of the piece. This is what happens when a light is shown behind it, revealing all of that behind it. (Also, funny enough, FNAF1 Golden Freddy doesn't appear.)
Mama by BrokenHAX
   This is "Mama"'s state after a battle with her daughter. "Mama" had tried to reanimate her daughter by way of robotics to reanimate her corpse, which be it faulty, was successful. The battle with her robotic daughter left her in a near death state, but with enough life in her to where she could fit herself into and activate her exo-suit. Now, though technically dead, her corpse is mobilized with the exosuit and acts with her personality and intelligence with a few... "bugs". Now, with no daughter or family, "Mama" gives a "lovely warm welcome" to "New Members of the Family" the best way she knows how, and she will do anything to ensure nothing breaks her family apart again.


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"No way, it would be beyond perfect everyday"

    Normally when someone hears the term Quality / Quantity, they think of basic economics. Ex: Abundance of oranges = low prices while Lack of oranges = high prices. Pretty basic, pretty basic. People, along with many other animals, can wrap there heads around this concept so easily because this principle is one of the many ways in which we grow up. As well, our bodies are hardwired to react to the principles of Quality / Quantity in various ways.
    I believe it's fair to say that many understand the rarer something is, the more significant it becomes. If this much is true, there is the counter example, the more abundance there is of something, the less it's importance becomes. In reality, we live in a world with a lot of dirt, and diamonds are a rare thing. Despite the actually usability of diamonds, many people love them, and would even fight for them. In the event that we lived on a planet where it was just the opposite, a world of diamonds and only little dirt, we would be fighting tooth and nail over soil, and diamonds would mean little/ nothing to us. However, this is true of more than just resources and physical things, but the things that we perceive as well.

-The value of a dollar
    Let's take a poor man with only a little money. It goes without saying what a dollar can mean to a man with little. To a man in bitter poverty, making that little extra change can mean one extra day to live. All the same, there's the man with dollars and dollars to go around. When one has a great deal of money, the individual dollars become amazingly dispensable. This cannot only cause the person to become irresponsible with their wealth, but with wealth comes power, something that can easily corrupt anyone.

-Pleasure & Suffering
    Now, I would like to ask the question, which man deserves more pity. A man who lives in the limelight, rich, powerful, on top of the world, or someone who's at the bottom, poor, and nearly powerless. Many would probably instantly go with the latter, as his situation is realistically more difficult. As silly a question as it may seem, consider this. The man who struggles, who's used to suffering, maybe even some tragedy here and there, that's simply become a norm. The man who's rich and powerful, this lifestyle of pleasure has become a norm for him as well. However, for man with hardships, seeing something even a little good once in a while is a rare thing, becoming significant. Simple life pleasures such as a day of lovely weather, a beautiful sunset, a cool refreshing breeze, time with friends and family, all of these things can be greatly appreciated. As for the man who lives a peaceful life everyday, where these things are a common thing, what do you think are some of the things that he would take great notice to?

-Tick, tock, tick, tock.
    With the Quality / Quantity principle, let's think about how much time we as living things have left on earth. For some people, their take is that we have lot of time on our hands. There's plenty of time to go around. To others, we don't have much time left, or we at least view it this way. To those people who believe their time is in short quantity, they make up with quality by giving it some significance. Examples of this would be those who've been informed they have only so much time left to live, are coming to accept their time is limited, etc. When this occurs, many will try to give these last moments some importance before they're passing, "filling their bucket list" so to speak, spending moments giving goodbyes to friends and family, reflecting on life, using each moment of now precious time to the best a person can. Others may choose to spend their time trying to get "extra time". Those with unfinished business may try bargaining, taking matters into their own hands, simply combating death.

-With great power comes great responsibility
     I think it's been proven and re-proven what too much power and wealth can do to even a Saint. It may not be a physical thing, but the Quality / Quantity principle comes down to even our perception of power, influence. However, this power that one receives can ultimately come down to be a sort of test. After all, what better way to test ones character than giving them the ability to choose, make great change? For one with more than enough power to go around, abusing it may seem to make little difference to him, as much as it may impact another, be it you, me, or anyone else. Through the illusion of power, those without it may well seem dispensable. Each person merely a dime a dozen. However, with these same powers, there are also those have proven themselves benevolent. They may well have the interests of the other, or their country as their main initiative, be it to be remembered as a good person in history, set an example for future leaders, simply for the sake of others, etc.

-What's one more?
    As to this, I'm still not sure whether or not an individual can apply this to themselves personally. Today, there are nearly 7,000,000,000 people walking around. Since Quality / Quantity go hand in hand on many things, something I wonder about is how the worth of an individual human being lessens in quantity down to how they perceive themselves. Sometimes I wonder if being 1/7,000,000,000 can actually make people feel as small as the fraction. Maybe not fully taking notice to it, but simply by living in a society where there's such a great mass of people that 1 in all of it seems very small, I often wonder how it's effects makes a majority of individuals feel. One example of this would be how many people feel as if they're viewed merely as numbers; not by the person they are or even their name. Nowadays with so many people, it seems as if natural pressures and even otherwise are trying to bring down the number. Be it just someone that snaps and takes down a few, a cruel government that takes down many, or a disaster/ pandemic that wipes out an area 's worth of people. While these things are bringing down the number as we sit here, would we care much more if our population were merely half, and maybe would we even beg for such a thing if our population were double?

    Reason it may be we find the values of Quality / Quantity so well is in how our bodies are wired. Evolution's given us the survival instinct of this to make efficient use of resources when we desperately need it. All the same, the reason we have boredom when things are going TOO easy, and we want to seek things that are new and fulfilling. Ultimately, it all comes down to basic economics and trying to balance everything out, and maintain that balance.

 -Night all
    Oh, and BTW, for those of you who wouldn't have guessed, I thought of all of this while playing video games. :)

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