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FLY MY PRETTIES by SolarPaintDragon

Vision, I can see the proud/ evil face of GLaDOS, and how she trained every bird. Originality, I have to say I have seen this Idea othe...


Lord Dyl by BrokenHAX
Lord Dyl
A friend of mine I decided to draw into a wizard Wizard Hat, complete with Wizard Fire! Poof! 
Bullet; Green You'll notice a Super Smash Bros, 4-Star Dragon Ball, and Pokeball pin on his wizard hat. Those are all things he'sa big fan of.
Bullet; Green The Fire on the Crystal Soccer Ball is Green because that's his favorite color
Bullet; Green The Social Media Talismans on his Wizard Hat's string are a few of the things he's on.
Bullet; Green The bats and snake in the smoke are his favorite animals
Bullet; Green His Wizard hat is based off his Fishermans Hat
Bullet; Green The Crystal Soccer ball... well, he likes soccer.
Bullet; Green His Robe is based off his hoodie
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: strong language)
This poem is for a friend
Whose broken soul I wish to mend.

~An Ode to Showdown~

Showdown, oh showdown, I hate you so much,
Yet I always walk back into your clutch.
From your haxs and your crits to incompatible moves and shit
It is truly difficult to win a game just by my whit.
You put moves on pokemon that make me want to cry,
So I am going to politely ask you to fuck off and die.

You always let other people say fuck ass and shit,
Yet I can not criticize you, not even a bit.
But when I do you hit me with a ban
I guess the truth is, in the end you just ran.
For you know I can beat you hail, sand, sun, or rain
For I am the one with the superior brain.
I love communism, bombs and all things evil
But you sir, are as dark and devious as a Weavile.
So I will blow you up with 1.5 times the power of the sun
But I will not stop there, I shall never be done.
Ill burn paralyze and freeze you all at the same time
And for the rest of eternity, you will be as silent as Mr. Mime.

Even then I shall not halt
For the death of my dreams was all your fault.
So hear me out you pile of feces,
For I am going to murder all of your species.
Without you the world would be a better place
And once again, there would be a smile on my face.

For all the times you have made people cry,
I am telling you to fuck off and die.
An Ode to Showdown
A little something a friend of mine whipped up to Pokemon Showdown as a way of saying thank you for your site and all of it's glory.


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United States
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:invisible::invisible::invisible::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::invisible::invisible::invisible::invisible:The One of Red,
:invisible::invisible::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::sarcasm::invisible:At his will, changes size,
:invisible::invisible:;););):|:|;):|:invisible::invisible::invisible:shall never be dead,
:invisible:;):|;):|:|:|;):|:|:|:invisible:saving his world from demise.
:invisible::invisible::invisible::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::invisible::invisible::invisible: The One of Green,
:invisible::invisible::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::lol::invisible::invisible: Gods powers in hand,
:|:invisible::lol:;);););););):lol::invisible::| Will smite any fiend,
:|:invisible:;);););););););):invisible::| Protecting the land.


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Hello peoples of the internet! I know how much you all like my 8 bit stuff, Stories, and artwork, and i would like to get a premium membership, widen my DAMuro so i can make more amazing stuff, and be able to donate to my groups. I dont have a point donations rewards thingy goin right now, but Ill think of sumthin!

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    So today, on twitter, I read a couple of tweets.
    One of the tweets I read was something that makes me cringe. Apparently there have been people that are taping razor-blades to playgrounds. Taping them to monkey bars, slides, etc in ways that children could get seriously injured.
    Another tweet I read before that was of a teenager. According to the tweet, he had sacrificed himself to stop a suicide bomber from entering his school, and he saved about 2000 people.
    I just find it amazing how different people can become. We can all start out the same but end up completely different, and the extent of that baffles me.
    On one hand, we could be people where we would act in a way that simply knowing that what we do will hurt something will satisfy us. Nothing more to gain. No money, no power, no authority, just for the sake of knowing we've hurt someone innocent.
    On the other hand, we could become people who would sacrifice ourselves for many, or maybe just for one other on a split-second decision. Making a quick-time decision knowing you'll lose everything to ensure another can keep everything of theirs.
    In both cases though, we can start the same way. It's a mere matter of the forces that have guided us in our lives, what we've learned, choices we've made, all that. It's just astonishing how momentous 1 individuals life and choices can be, and how just one choice can hurt or save thousands of lives, and what's even more are the motives behind those choices. It's all... odd.

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